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Our Products
Hospital Management Software

Hospital management software describes the leadership and general management of hospitals, hospital networks, and/or health care systems.

This Hospital management system ensures that specific outcomes are attained, that departments within a health facility are running smoothly, that the right people are in the right jobs, that people know what is expected of them, that resources are used efficiently and that all departments are working towards a common goal for mutual development and growth.

A hospital management system (HMS) is a computer or web based system that facilitates managing the functioning of the hospital or any medical set up. This system or software will help in making the whole functioning paperless. It integrates all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, hospital administrative details etc. into one software. It has sections for various professionals that make up a hospital.

Hotel Management Software

HMS  is a type of properly management system that facilitates the management of hotel operations and functions; main operations such as front office, sales, planning, and accounting.
General Hotel Management Software aims to automate functions such as:

  1. Guest bookings
  2.  Guest details
  3. Point of sale
  4. Telephony
  5. Accounts receivable
  6.  Sales and marketing
  7.  Banquets
  8. Event Management
  9. And many more features
School Management Software

School management software is a tool that is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of schools and educational institutions. It consists of various modules that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and other essential student information.

School management software are designed and developed for reducing pressure of data management from school. They automate all the management of exam, fees, homework,result and also provide notification facility for all the users.It comprises of an app for better communication to parents teacher student and to make it more feasible to users.

This app comprises of all the database management related features. In this app students,teacher detail ,homework ,exam, fees, library details,timetable and all the office work can be maintained. This can be done with very less time and and requires less people to maintain as a result it saves a lot of expenditure which used to be required in early tradition method with pen and registers.

Restaurant Management Software

A restaurant management system is POS software designed for the foodservice industry. Like a standard POS system, restaurant management system helps you capture transactions and manage inventory with accuracy and generally run everyday processes more efficiently.

Feature included in software :

  1. Point-of-sale
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Financial Management
  4. Customer Relationship
  5. Payroll Management
  6. Financial Restaurants Tools
  7. Scheme & Promotions
  8. Restaurant Analytics
  9. Chain Outlet Management




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