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Software Testing

Software Testing

We hold expertise in building software testing strategies, mentoring, leading and participating in test teams, product testing in our personal test Lab & test process improvement.

Our Services Are:

Manual Testing

Manual testing is one of the most important activities of any software test plan. In circumstances, that have frequent changes to functionalities, Manual Testing plays a very significant role. We at Technorizen make sure that we identify all the real life scenario that a given application will come across and thoroughly test them before it is released to the end customer. To accomplish this we thoroughly study the system under test, develop test plan and define test scenario/test cases for manual testing.


Test Automation

In todays dynamic environment, reaching out to customer early with quality software can give a competitive edge to any software company. Developers productivity has gone grown many times in last decade due to many tools that have evolved over the year. However same is not true with testing. Software testing still primarily carried out using manual methods, which is time consuming and error prone. Test automation has potential fTest Automationor increasing the test coverage and reducing the time to market.


Performance Testing

Following a proper methodology guarantees a successful performance test project. Applications often experience performance degradation in production environment when they are subjected to continuous use, sudden spike, sustained load and the volume. Such problems in the production environment are very costly and may impact revenue as well as damage your brand value.Our performance testing services help you in understanding application performance by simulating the production scenario on test servers prior to releasing it to the production.


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